Middle College

Students join Concordia’s Middle College from Year 7 to Year 9. These three years provide a critical link between Junior College to the Senior College.

While much of our approach remains the same – enviable resources, dedicated teaching staff, a commitment to lifelong learning – there are some subtle changes that will help prepare students for future academic challenges. These include working closely with a limited number of teachers, building up a truly supportive relationship, as well as the introduction of electives.

At the end of Year 9, our students are fully prepared for the advanced learning they will undertake at the Senior College and beyond. Concordia prides itself on being able to nurture resilient, independent learners; an invaluable skill for school, university, and life outside formal education.

Our Pastoral Care Program, specifically designed by our Middle College Coordinator, ensures that students continue as rounded, healthy individuals equipped with the social and emotional skills needed to succeed in secondary education.

Stepping up to Year 7

The transition from primary school into Year 7 is a significant step. An enjoyable orientation program commencing in Semester 2 of Year 6 through to Week 1 of Year 7 helps the students to get to know their new environment and make friends. As well as our peer mentoring program, a strong network of senior students and staff is always available for support and advice and to assist with the settling-in process.

Wellbeing matters

Our students develop a strong sense of belonging through their allocation to Home Class groups that begin with Year 7 year level-based groups, that later migrate into vertical House based groups. This means our students receive appropriate and ongoing academic and pastoral care from both staff and older student mentors. There are regular meetings in Home Classes each week, along with attendance at Assembly and Chapel. In addition, our students thrive on the healthy competition afforded by our many and varied house competitions.

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