Concordia is currently offering Agricultural Practices to the Year 9 and 10 students at the college. This will be expanding in the near future to include the Agricultural Practices QCAA Applied subject for Years 11 and 12 students. Being a Kindy-12 college, the younger students will also be engaged in activities with the Agricultural Department, enhancing their rich learning in the Agricultural space.


Agriculture (food and fibre production) focuses on investigating managed environments, such as farms and plantations. Students learn about the processes of food and fibre production and investigate the sustainable supply of agriculturally produced raw materials. Students develop deep knowledge and understanding about managed systems that produce food and fibre through designing and producing solutions.

This unit of work provides students with the opportunity to investigate the importance of Australian agricultural production to our society and gain a broad understanding of some of our main agricultural industries including beef, sheep, poultry, pork, cropping (wheat) and horticulture.

In Agriculture students will explore the following:

What is Agriculture?

What is the value of Agriculture?

What impacts the perceived value of Agriculture?

What agricultural industries are within our region?

What are key steps in the protein production system?

Preferred Futures

As part of a “Preferred Futures” unit some motivated Year 10 students have initiated the startup business called R.A.W Agriculture. These students have worked cross curricular within the Technology department and Agriculture to build hay feeders from repurposed materials. They have also looked across the agriculture sectors and chosen to use horticulture and sheep production to stimulate income. You will find these students out and about in the community at shows and other industry meetups displaying their work and generating interest in their products.