Calrossy strives to provide experiences that develops, challenges and nourishes the growth of the whole child. 

The Calrossy calendar involves many Expeditions, both the major expeditions and those which are subject based. These have all been deliberately constructed to complement our academic and wellbeing program, as well as provide our students with opportunities.

The expeditions program begins in Infants with day excursions, before moving onto overnight expeditions which begin in Year 3.

The program is founded on the belief that children grow by experiencing challenges. These major excursions provide our students the chance to step outside their comfort zone. It is our belief that these expeditions are a chance for the Calrossy boy and girl to grow in confidence, maturity and self-awareness. Expeditions also complement the learning programs implemented throughout the School. The expeditions culiminate in a Year 11 camp at Emu Gully Adventure Education near Toowoomba. The centre runs a camp for school aged children based on the Anzac story.