Calrossy has an innovative distance education program which is breaking new ground delivering quality education into homes across Australia.

eCalrossy was designed to help bridge the gap between students wanting access to educational excellence and opoortunities,  in a supported and connected environment but who are unable to attend traditional school for any reason, be it working on the farm, demanding extra curricular activities or they are just not ready for boarding.

What is eCalrossy?

  • Full-time distance education for students from Years 5 - 9, based on the relevant NSW Curriculum.
  • Students are in almost 100% of school time in contact with their teachers and fellow distance education students. This allows online interaction between students with facilitated discussions and group work.
  • Learning is technology based, with a MacBook and IT support provided by the school. There is very little physical mailing of learning materials to/from school.
  • eCalrossy is a dedicated distance education class where the teachers’ focus is purely on the distance education students during that lesson.
  • Students follow a typical school timetable within the hours 8.40am to 1:25pm and are taught by Calrossy specialist teachers for each subject.
  • The eCalrossy class is co-educational.
  • There are three compulsory residential sessions throughout the year, where students carry out essential practical components of learning, as well as accessing wellbeing and co-curricular activities, annual year group excursions, sporting carnivals and pathways.

Why eCalrossy, what are the advantages?

  • Access a quality independent education earlier in secondary school, with proven excellence in academic results.
  • Students are taught by Calrossy’s specialist teachers at all stages of the program, including Years 5 and 6.
  • Access to instant feedback and academic/learning support in a dedicated virtual classroom.
  • Interaction with classmates, promoting social and emotional learning.
  • Calrossy has the record of the best HSC outcomes of any school in the New England/North West of NSW.
  • Students have the opportunity to experience Calrossy boarding, as well as expeditions, sporting carnivals and pathways alongside internal students.
  • Access to all Calrossy's facilities including a dedicated IT support team and Wellbeing team, including learning support and psychologists.
  • Forward-thinking use of ICT for distance education and potential home schooling options.
  • Easy progression to Calrossy Boarding. Students will already be used to Calrossy’s expectations and developed peer and teacher relationships.

What is required of students & parents?

  • A suitable physical environment and supportive situation in which your child can participate in the program.
  • Appropriate supervision of your child.
  • A commitment to enabling your child to attend all 3 of the residential weeks at ۲Ƶ.
  • A suitable internet connection to enable the video conferencing. Support is also offered by Calrossy's internal IT department. 
  • A commitment to the child ‘attending’ their distance education lessons 8:40am to 1:25pm (NSW time) each school day.
  • Payment of the Distance Education Program fees, ICT levy, as per the fee schedule and payment of costs for the listed sports, uniform items and travel to Tamworth for all the residential sessions.
  • An enrolment interview to assess mutual suitability and expectations of the distance program, the school, the student and the family.

Hear Ruby's story

If you are interested in e۲Ƶ for your child, please contact the ۲Ƶ enrolments team: ph (02) 5776 5100 or email enrolments@calrossy.nsw.edu.au