Creating a welcoming home comes naturally to us, after all we have been offering boarding at Concordia since 1946. Our Learning in Residence model provides boarding students with the opportunity to be empowered in their learning.

We love the convenience that Concordia Boarding provides for out-of-towners. Kids don’t get exhausted from having to catch buses for long distances. The students in boarding are all likeminded, and Concordia provides great opportunities.

Discover the Boarding Houses at Concordia

"Learning is at the heart of everything we do," with the implementation of our "Learning in Residence" program offered to full-time (7 days a week), weekday (3, 4 or 5 days) and casual boarders.

We have created a contemporary boarding precinct for our male and female boarders. Each house is secured, and students can access a coeducational recreational zone positioned between the two boarding houses. This creates a cohesive community and a home away from home atmosphere.

An individualised learning program allows each student to choose how their learning progresses with support from a range of staff members outside of school hours.

Learning in residence also covers the wellbeing, co-curricular and extra-curricular programs to ensure our boarding students enjoy a well-rounded, holistic experience.

Concordia Boarding is a safe place, a home away from home with routine. Boarding Staff and School Staff are supportive of my children’s individual needs.

Temme House - Boys Boarding

Giabal House - Girls Boarding

Meet our 2024 Boarding Captains

Each year Concordia's boarding community is represented by a Boarding Captain from each of our boarding houses. These young leaders ensure our boarders are represented with high regard within the College community.

In 2024, Concordia Boarding is being exceptionally represented by Boarding Captains Kerri Stiller and Khan Cummings-Sturt.

Meet our Boarding Coordinator

Our Boarding Coordinator oversees each of our boarding houses, ensuring our students are supported and cared for while studying away from their families.

Mrs Maureen Taurima lives onsite attached to the Boarding houses.

She oversees a dedicated group of staff members who ensure our students enjoy a holistic boarding experience with a strong emphasis on wellbeing/pastoral care, academic support, and access to extra-curricular activities.

Our Boarding Coordinator aims to build a great relationship with all our parents and have regular conversations about the wellbeing and progress of their child.

Mrs Taurima has more than 30 years’ experience in school boarding, working at school across New Zealand, The Torres Strait and Australia.

Concordia Lutheran College is a proud member of the Australian Boarding Schools Association.

Below: Boarding Coordinator - Mrs Maureen Taurima

Learning in Residence

Boarding life at Concordia Lutheran College enables young people to develop a greater sense of independence, resilience and nurtures respect and tolerance for others. We house students from a diverse mix of cultures and regions (Japan, China, Papua New Guinea, Palm Island, Northern and Western Queensland, Northern Territory) who form lifelong friendships and networks.

Our talent team of Residential boarding tutors are housed within the complex, ensuring supervision and availability. They support our Houseparents with supervision on and off campus, co-curricular school sports activities, travel to and from Tafe and School based traineeships.

Learning Program

Our Learning in Residence program has enhanced the academic offering to our boarders, giving them the support and opportunities to excel in their studies. Concordia’s boarding students now benefit from a dedicated after-hours study team to encourage and support their studies and lift academic results.

The College library at our Stephen Street Campus is open until 4.30pm from Monday to Thursday during term time, providing dedicated support from our experienced Teacher-Librarian and a range of talented and professional educators. Boarders are offered after school study in the library, where they can seek various targeted tutorials with teachers.

Evening study is compulsory and is supported by our residential tutors in dorm. Residential Tutors are available both in the formal academic prep sessions and at times outside of formal study periods to assist students in their studies. Our goal for the Learning in Residence program is to cultivate a deeply embedded culture of learning and academic growth within our boarding community.

Residence Program

Our female boarders reside in Giabal House, and our male boarders in Temme House on our Senior Campus. This preloved home away from home provides our boarders with a centrally located residence. Both houses have a fully equipped kitchenette with Fridge, Freezer, Stove and Microwave.

Weekday meals are held in the Dining room Monday to Fridays with breakfast and lunch on weekends in the dorms. This creates a relaxed atmosphere on the weekends. Our shared Recreation room has a large TV, lounges, beanbags along with pool and table tennis tables to entertain. It is a common hub for all students to mix and mingle.

At our boarding houses, we pride ourselves on cultivating a family-style environment that fosters warm, inclusive, and supportive relationships. From the moment students arrive, they are welcomed into a close-knit community where lifelong friendships are formed, and a sense of belonging is nurtured. Our dedicated house parents and staff create a nurturing atmosphere that mirrors the comforts and care of a home, ensuring that each student feels valued and understood. Regular communal activities such as family dinners, group outings, and shared study sessions further strengthen these bonds, emphasising mutual respect, cooperation, and camaraderie. In our boarding houses, every student is more than just a resident—they are an integral part of our extended family, growing together in an environment rich with encouragement and shared experiences.


Concordia Lutheran College is a proud member of the Australian Boarding Schools Association.

We encourage you to visit us to see firsthand the exciting new developments and tour our beautiful campus. To make an appointment, please complete the below form. For further information on boarding at Concordia, view our . 

Concordia Lutheran College is a proud member of the Australian Boarding Schools Association and a CRICOS registered school.

What's to eat?

Boarding students receive six options per day - breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper. There are a range of healthy options available to students including a salad bar as well as a hot food option for school lunches every day.

We prioritise the well-being and health of our boarders by offering a quality balanced diet that is both nutritious and delicious. It is crucial to instill healthy eating habits in our boarders to ensure they receive the essential nutrients required for their physical and mental development, boosting their energy levels, enhancing concentration, and promoting overall wellness.

Understanding the need for flexibility, we also provide convenient takeaway options to accommodate busy schedules and ensure that our boarders never have to compromise on quality nutrition, no matter their commitments.

Concordia Lutheran College Boarding Menu

Term 3

Boarder Activity Program

Our boarding team work hard to make sure our boarding students enjoy a range of activities during their downtime. Examples of activities include ten pin bowling, cinema nights, disco nights, day trips to Sea World and Movie World, shopping trips to Grand Central and camping trips.

Here's an example of a term's activity list:

See below for some photos of our boarding students enjoying some well-earned time out.